CEBEDEAU • Audit for compliance of discharges

Case study

Audit for compliance of discharges

The problem

Many industrial sites were designed and built at a time when environmental standards were less stringent than they are today. As a result, processes and structures were not always designed to facilitate and optimise the management of wastewater flows.

At the time of the periodic review of its environmental permit, the operator was required to meet more stringent standards. These new standards required the upgrading of the wastewater treatment systems for its various sites.

The project

In order to propose the best technical and economic solutions, an in-depth audit of each wastewater treatment system was required to identify the technical and procedural levers for action.

This mission, lasting approximately 3 months per site, consisted of

- Updating all the old P&IDs and flowsheets;

- Precise characterisation of all the flows to be treated (sampling, measurements and laboratory tests);

- Diagnosis of each of the treatment processes (technical and operational performance);

- Determination of the optimum conditions for achieving the objectives through laboratory and on-site tests;

- The study of Best Available Techniques for the sector;

The result

At the end of the mission, the partner obtained an audit report with objective and pragmatic recommendations. The recommendations essentially consisted of modifying the operating conditions of the treatments (reagents, injection points, pH, oxidation-reduction potential), the procedures for monitoring the installations (maintenance and surveillance) as well as some adjustments when there were no alternatives (metrology, buffer tank or additional reactor).

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