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Assistance with legislation and permits

In brief

Would you like to be accompanied in all the legislative procedures related to your water treatment or to obtaining a permit?

We can advise you on the steps to be taken or we can take care of them directly by completing all the documents related to your wastewater. Thanks to our extensive network in the sector, we also contact and discuss the relevant authorities on your behalf.

Who we are for

All industries (small, medium and large companies).


  • We visit and audit your installations.
  • We characterise your flows.
  • We organise meetings with you and the relevant authorities.
  • We inform you of all the legislation in force and complete the legal documents relating to your water treatment for you.


On request, whether it's a matter of routine legislation or a permit renewal.


  • You save time.
  • You communicate with one trusted contact.
  • You are sure to comply with the legislation thanks to the support of CEBEDEAU, recognised for its expertise by the competent authorities.

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