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Continuing education

In brief

Do you need to train your staff or update your knowledge with new technological developments?

Our experts will train you on the theoretical and practical aspects of water treatment, as well as on the technologies used.

For whom

Our training courses help industries to ensure the best possible management of their water treatment.

They also enable institutions, training organisations and consultancies to expand their range of training courses or services.


We offer general training courses covering the various fields of water treatment (process water, wastewater, recycling, etc.).

Our team also creates tailor-made training courses for you that take into account your reality (type of organisation, site, problems, etc.) and your needs (use of a new technology, change of team, etc.).


We organise these training sessions all year round, on demand. They are particularly necessary when :

  • You expand or reorganise your production site.
  • You have to adapt to new regulations.
  • You are using new technologies that you need to learn to master and include in your treatment processes.
  • Your internal organisation is changing and you want to ensure the transfer of theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • The skills of your engineering or maintenance team need to be upgraded.


Are you an industrial or water treatment plant operator?

  • Your staff is trained according to the specific needs of your business.
  • You improve the quality and reliability of your water treatment.
  • You optimise your costs.
  • You can count on our total independence regarding the technologies and brands used.

Are you a training organisation?

  • You can offer additional training courses without hiring in-house staff.
  • You call on specific and dedicated expertise

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