In brief

Do you need assistance in preparing your industrial wastewater tax return?

We can help you by taking care of all the obligations relating to the tax, in strict compliance with the legislation. We also estimate the amount of this tax for you, based on the relevant financial indicators.

For whom

All industrial companies and in particular small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).


  • We carry out measurement and sampling campaigns.
  • We collect all necessary information (FTE, production, consumption).
  • We prepare and deliver a complete reporting file.
  • We generate a report with an estimate of the tax and a proposal of cost breakdown by parameters and specific charges.
  • We assist you with your exemption requests and other claims.
  • We keep you informed about new legislation.


Before your annual tax return.


  • You save time.
  • You are sure to comply with the legislation.
  • You keep up to date with the latest standards or legislation.
  • You can identify particularly costly pollution loads and deal with it.
  • You know in advance the amount of tax to be paid and can make an accounting provision.
  • You can check the administration's tax calculation.

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