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In brief

Understanding microbiological equilibrium and metabolic functions are the keys to mastering biological treatments. Biological processes are very low energy and resource efficient and have enormous potential in water treatment to meet the challenges of sustainability.

This expertise involves the development of cutting-edge microbiological analysis methods: sequencing and amplification, metabarcoding, cytometry, etc.

Our approach

Microbial ecology and biodiversity

Our researchers use microbial ecology to find new solutions to various water-related problems.

Over the past few years, our team has developed specific knowledge in biofilms. This has resulted in the invention of two aerobic granular sludge wastewater treatment processes (GRASS® and BEFLOW®) and the control of biofilm growth by quorum quenching. Or more regularly, the diagnosis of biofilter and activated sludge malfunctions.

The potential of biofilms as an indicator of biodiversity is currently being studied.

Development of microbiological analysis methods

Every year, we carry out projects to develop rapid and robust analysis methods that characterise the microbiological quality of water. In a few minutes, it becomes possible to quantify the bacteriological contamination of water.

We are taking advantage of new sequencing tools to identify bacterial consortia and their functions. From the extraction of the DNA or RNA (VALIDER) to the processing of the bioinformatics data, we carry out all the steps in-house. One day is enough to obtain a "pie chart".

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Sampling & Analysis

A team of experienced technicians who adapt to each situation to take representative samples and analyse them with the utmost care.

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