CEBEDEAU • Monitoring and technical assistance for water treatment plants


Monitoring and technical assistance for water treatment plants

In brief

Are you looking for a reliable partner to monitor your water treatment plants?

Our team monitors all operating parameters of your water treatment plants and intervenes in case of technical problems.

For whom

All industries (small, medium and large companies) with process water, cooling water or waste water treatment installations.


  • We carry out a detailed visit and audit of your installations.
  • We organise both planned and unplanned service visits.
  • We keep a complete and accurate logbook with or without your operator. You also have access to a dashboard with the history of your plant and all your data.
  • We monitor your equipment remotely and carry out regular diagnostics.
  • We are available by phone for any queries or requests for assistance.
  • We provide you with quarterly or half-yearly reports.
  • We carry out laboratory and on-site tests and model your plant.


  • If you are expanding your plant or building a new one.
  • If you need to adapt your plant to new legislative standards or change in internal organisation.
  • If you want to reduce operating costs.


  • You optimise your operating costs while reducing your environmental footprint.
  • You can be sure that Your water treatment becomes as reliable and efficient as possible.
  • You prevent and avoid breakdowns in your installations.
  • You can rely on accurate monitoring and rapid intervention in case of problems in your water treatment plant.
  • You benefit from expertise without the need for dedicated staff.

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