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Microbiological analysis

In brief

Do you need to carry out microbiological analyses? Our team of experts and researchers uses the most efficient analysis methods (metagenetics, flow cytometry, qPCR, etc.) to achieve your objectives.

Who is it for?

Food industries, drinking water producers, sanitation companies or industries active in water recycling and public authorities.


  • We take the appropriate samples or install the equipment online.
  • We carry out the microbiological analyses in our state-of-the-art laboratory.
  • We adapt our measurement methods to your site.


As part of the operational monitoring of the microbiological quality of your water or if you need to study its biodiversity in your research programmes in order, for example, to check the effectiveness of cleaning.


  • You control the microbiological quality of your water and measure the effectiveness of disinfection and the risks of contamination.
  • You obtain precise results thanks to high-performance analysis techniques.

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