CEBEDEAU • Participation in collaborative and international projects


Participation in collaborative and international projects

In brief

Thanks to its knowledge of the water sector and its unique technical skills, our team will support you over the life of your Walloon (SPW) or European (Interreg, ERDF, Horizon Europe, CORNET…) research and development projects, according to your precise needs.

For whom

Research centres, companies, universities and international partners.


  • We bring together partners interested in the specific research topic.
  • We organise the project, from selecting partners to setting the budget and drafting the project.
  • We carry out the research part of the project that is assigned to us.


In the framework of any regional or international call for projects related to water.


  • You will benefit from our extensive network in the water sector get in touch with national and international actors related to your project.
  • Our expertise and cutting-edge skills ensure that you achieve the highest level of scientific knowledge.
  • Together, we take part in projects that contribute to the well-being of citizens, to the fight against global warming and to food safety, and thus to a more sustainable environment.

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